Basic definitions on Go language / REST API / PostgreSQL

Go (programming language) :

Definition: a compiled programming language developed at Google in 2013. A.K.A Golang, Gopher

Features: Similar with C but compiling speed is much faster. Grammar is simple. Rich REST API (What is REST API? See the section “REST API”). Used in global companies such as Google, MongoDB, Soundcloud, Uber.

Paradigms:concurrent, functional, imperative, and object-oriented.

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3. (25 keyword for Golang)

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REST API : Representational State Transfer API

Definition: RESP API is a form of software architectural style for hypermedia system such as WWW. Method to define a resource and designate an address on the resource.


Example: GET /members/1

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API : Application Programming Interface

Definition: a computing interface to develop application software using various software (OS, system, application, library).

Features: Responsible for communication between software. Interactions between multiple software intermediaries, not between users and software.

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Definition: a free and open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) with SQL compliance (What is SQL? see the section “SQL”).

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Definition: a query language to manage data held in relational database management system (RDBMS). Handle the structured data.

Features: Declarative, Easy to learn, Process the data by data set unit.

Basic structure:

SELECT [column name]
FROM [table name]
WHERE [condition]
GROUP BY [column to be grouped]
HAVING [condition after grouping]
LIMIT [number limit]

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