Go (programming language) :

Definition: a compiled programming language developed at Google in 2013. A.K.A Golang, Gopher

Features: Similar with C but compiling speed is much faster. Grammar is simple. Rich REST API (What is REST API? See the section “REST API”). Used in global companies such as Google, MongoDB, Soundcloud, Uber.

Paradigms:concurrent, functional, imperative, and object-oriented.

[Ref] ENG

2. https://golang.org/

3. https://medium.com/wesionary-team/know-about-25-keywords-in-go-eca109855d4d (25 keyword for Golang)

[Ref ] KOR

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REST API : Representational State Transfer API

Definition: RESP API is a form of software architectural style for hypermedia system such as WWW. …

  • Math

Finite Element Method (FEM): specific method to solve partial differential equation(PDE) in 2 or 3 variables space including boundary conditions. When it is impossible to get an exact solution, FEM is used to get an approximate solution by adapting discretization that is implemented by construction of mesh.

Strong formulation: express the physical with differential form

Weak formulation : express the physical problem with integral form

Variational formulation: a weak formulation of PDE expressed in terms of linear algebra in Hilbert space is a variational formulation.

Une formulation faible des équations aux dérivées partielles qui s’exprime en termes d’algèbre linéaire…

[Today’s Review] 18th May — Space mission, Env test

  • Space mission

Audible noise test :

When representing the sound audible to the human ears, the unit is usually “dBA”, not “dB”.

Semi-anechoic room is a facility that is used for acoustic test and offers the most quiet environment.

When writing the test document, it is important to attach photos that show how the measurement is carried out.

EMC test:

Checking out the requirement is always important. Not all facility suits the requirement.

Using external facility changes the test cost.

  • Cubesat Security

Drawing schemes is helpful to find out what is…

위키피디아 한국어 번역:

큐브셋 우주 프로토콜 (Cubesat Space Protocol, CSP)는 큐브셋용 소규모의 네트워크 계층 전달 프로토콜이다. 2008년에 Aalborg University 에서 학생들이 창안해냈으며, 2013년에 발사된 AAUSAT3 큐브셋 미션을 위해 개발되었다.

이 프로토콜은 32-비트 헤더를 기반으로 하는데, 헤더에는 네트워크 계층 및 정보 계층 정보가 들어있다. Atmel 사의 8비트 AVR 마이크로프로세서와 32비트 ARM 및 AVR와 같은 임베디드 시스템을 통해 구현 가능하다. C언어로 작성 되며, 실행을 위해 FreeRTOS , POSIX 및 Linux와 같은 POSIX 스레드의 …

What is MPICH?

MPICH is a freely available, portable implementation of Message Passing Interface (MPI), a standard for message-passing for distributed-memory applications used in parallel computing. (Ref: Wikipedia)

Let’s start installation!

0. Preparation

Following development environment are used.

  • Mac book (MacOS Catalina 10.15.3)
  • Application: Xcode
  • Software package management system: Homebrew or macPorts (I’ll deal with Hombrew in this procedure)
  1. Go to Homebrew website and copy the installation command.

Homebrew website: https://brew.sh/

Homebrew home page

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on Apple’s macOS operating system and Linux. (Ref: Wikipedia)


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